Team.  TAPoR.

TAPoR is a website that hosts lots of text mining tools, free to use on the open web.  It doesn’t have any tools itself, but is rather a place someone can go to explore different kinds of text rending.  The benefit here is that you can compare different tools that do the same thing.  Better: you can discover tools that you didn’t know existed, that do things that you might not have thought of, but which could be really valuable for whatever project you’re doing.  

The site groups similar tools together for easy browsing.  Two groupings stand out.  One is popular.  The site doesn’t seem to say how these tools have been deemed popular, but presumably this is a good place to go to see what others are finding useful.  The other is reviewed.  Tools are briefly reviewed, letting new users get a better sense of what each tool can do and if it might be relevant for them.  That’s a nice feature, if you ask me.

The site also functions like a community hub for tool users and developers.  Presumably, you could share information on your experience with a tool, and ask questions.  

So this is a pretty nice site to know about if you have a text and want to know different ways you could view it.