Bamboo Dirt 3 – Concordance

Hey Team.

So, the final writing / text program I’ll talk about is Concordance.  Apparently this tool will give you a list of words in a text in alphabetical order.  Their site has a pretty neat graphical image showing you how this looks.

concordance 1


I tried to upload a document to try this tool out, but I got this:

concordance 2

Concordance works with Concordance files.  Go fig.  So I went to their website to try to find some helpful-looking files to use.  But I got a little side-tracked with this:

concordance 3

This is a concordance of William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience.  Presumably this was done with Concordance, the program.  And if I were studying this poem as an academic, this would indeed be a useful tool.  It lets me essentially jump right to any word in the text – like an index on steroids – and see if Blake had something to say about it.  Of course, the term that caught my eye was ale-house.  He had little to say on this subject in this poem, but, as you can see, his view was positive.  Revelatory!

Be safe everyone!